What is in your obituary?

Your biography, resume, and LinkedIn profile provide the content that your family members will use to write your obituary.

What will yours say? Will it be the short one that says your name, where you grew up, the name of your high school, and the names of the family members who preceded you in heaven and who you left behind?

BIO’s, Resumes, LinkedIn Profile and Obituaries – Mirror What You Have Done with Your Life

In the United States and around the globe people are living longer and working longer. The Huffington Post reported results from a survey showing that 22% of Americans would rather die than retire without enough money. The Veterans Administration 2015 Economic Opportunity Report states that 1 out 2 or 53% separating Post-9/11 Veterans will face a period of unemployment upon transition. The AARP reports that people ages 45-79 who experienced unemployment during the past five years are not currently working. People are living longer. My grandma passed away last year at the age of 101. If I live as long as she did I have another 50 years of living to enjoy. I want the next 50 years to fun and fruitful.

Don't Get Mad. Take action and turn your dreams into reality.
Don’t Get Mad.
Take action and turn your dreams into reality.


How many more years will you be working? Do you have enough money saved? Are your skills current and able to compete with people graduating college? As a coach one of the first assignments I give my clients is to work on their life mission statement. One of the questions on this assignment asks the person to write their obituary. The intent of the assignment is to get the person thinking about what they have accomplished and what untapped dreams they have left unfulfilled. It helps the person self reflect and see they still have time to turn their dreams into reality.

When I am writing a biography, resume, or LinkedIn profile for a client I gather the facts and it often takes several sessions to get the person to provide me the WOW of what they have done. Sometimes sadly there is no WOW. The person has done nothing out of the ordinary. They eat, breathe, and go to work to perform a task. This is the client that typically becomes rude, demeaning, and overly demanding after receiving a draft document. I have learned to understand that when a client becomes abusive they are operating from a place of fear and embarrassment. The client is embarrassed because the document or resume is a reflection of who/where they are now. It is an eye opener for the person and he or she doesn’t like what he or she is seeing. The client is operating from a place of fear because he is afraid he will not fulfill his dreams. He won’t get that dream job, officer program, or whatever it is that I am writing a resume or document.

Updating your bio, resume, and LinkedIn profile provides you the opportunity to see where you are on completing your goals. These documents also provide you the opportunity to see what you are doing that is above and beyond the ordinary. You will see the value you are providing your employer or clients. Your peers and future employer will see the value you provide.

Honestly assessing yourself and your accomplishments or lack of accomplishments is a step toward self actualization. It is the first step toward self improvement. We should never stop striving to improve the value we provide others. This may be through volunteer work in the community, improving systems and processes in the workplace or paying to attend career enhancing classes.

In the Marine Corps we used a term “ROAD” when talking about someone who did nothing but drink coffee, breathe and chew the fat all day. “ROAD” means retired on active duty. Don’t be a “ROAD” in your workplace and life. Take the steps necessary to LIVE! If you are a “ROAD” don’t be mad when you transition from the military and can’t get a job or jump-start a new career. If you are a civilian don’t be mad when you are the first person let go during lean times.

If you had to write your obituary right now what would it say? Would you be left staring at a blank sheet of paper? Don’t leave your family members the difficult task of writing your obituary. Make the task easy by doing something with your life. Take control of your life. If you don’t know how to stand out from the pack and shine then seek out a coach. A coach will help you design a strategy and also recognize that you probably have done something WOW you just are dismissing it as nothing. As a coach I am often called upon to help a client design a career track within his current company. The first step is preparing the resume so when it is time for the conversation with the boss or owner of the company he can show what he has accomplished and how it has benefited the company. We then outline what he would like to do for the company and a timeline for completing the transition for starting a new department or division within the company that he will lead. Depending upon how the conversation goes my client knows whether he will stay with the company or seek employment elsewhere.

Your LinkedIn profile should also be selling you and not read as an obituary. When you have a great LinkedIn profile you will be contacted routinely by hiring managers and asked if you would like to leave your current position. If you are not getting these phone calls or emails you need or want to take time to self reflect on your key accomplishments and rewrite your profile or contact me.

Your biography, resume, and LinkedIn profile should sell you. They sell the value you provide to the employer or your customers and clients. If you don’t like what you are reading get mad and take action to change things. Your obituary does not have to boring and bland. Get out and enjoy life while providing value to your employer, customers, clients, and community so you have a bio, resume, LinkedIn profile and obituary that will make others say “WOW”.

Choose to be somebody!

     Choose to live!

           Choose to provide value to others.


Coach Jaynine is the owner of Dream Catcher Business & Career Coaching. Coach Jaynine hears what you are not saying. When you work with Coach Jaynine, you are guaranteed to have her undivided attention. Hiring Coach Jaynine as your coach is guaranteed to change your life. “Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be.” ~ George Sheehan. With Coach Jaynine, you will learn to believe in you. You will regain your hope, your perseverance, and have the wisdom to turn your dreams into reality! Sign up for her free ebook My 5 Secrets to Networking Detox at http://networkingdetox.com/

Don’t Get Lynched by the Mob – Social Media & Mob Mentality

Can you name the five who lost their lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee? Do you know what is going on with Planned Parenthood? What about LCDR Timothy White – do you know what is going on with him? Do you know who Cecil is?

Last week and throughout the weekend Facebook newsfeeds have been overrun with pictures of Cecil the lion and people asking for Dr. Walter Palmer to be publically stoned for the killing of Cecil the lion. Facts we know are minimal. We know Dr. Palmer is a big game hunter. We know he paid a “local” guide for help with the hunt. We know he paid to be able to hunt a lion legally.

Zimbabwe issued statements from their local citizens such as “What is the big deal – it is a lion.” “Why do Americans care it is a lion.” Zimbabwe has also published the rules regarding big game hunting and as well as statistics identifying their countries 80% unemployment rate and the many benefits big game hunting brings to their country. Big game hunting brings tourism dollars and the meat from the hunt is given to various tribes to feed the people so they don’t starve.

The citizens of the United States have lost their marbles, in my opinion. They have thrown away their moral compass. Our education system has failed them. Parents have failed them. They are NOT applying critical thinking. They have adopted a mob mentality. Their priorities are skewed, and they have forgotten what a gift life is, when life begins, who are real American heroes, and forgotten the role of animals in our food supply. Worse – they are not respecting cultural differences. They are imposing their views on others. How is this any different than what ISIS is doing throughout the world?

I am an Iowa farm gal. I am an animal lover. Trophy hunting is not a sport I would choose to engage in. However, we don’t know all the facts in the trophy hunting/Cecil story. “They” are crucifying the dentist and not listening to his explanation. He has not has his day in court which shows us how unjust society has become. Their outrage has ruined not only his business reputation but he closed his practice for safety reasons. His employees have lost their jobs. His medical suppliers and their sales people have now had their income/spending power reduced. Cleaning staff, lawn care service personnel and others have lost income and the list goes on who have been impacted by this public bashing. The local economy will also suffer because of the reduced spending power of all associated with Dr. Palmer and his dental practice.

People are choosing to crucify this big game hunter without knowing all the facts. This sets a bad precedence and is very damaging. We can only pray those crucifying him never make a mistake or do something that society finds distasteful and if they slip it doesn’t land on social media.

I bet these same people wear leather, use products that were tested on animals, and use mouse traps, spray for bugs, and squat mosquitoes. This story is a distraction from the bigger things going on in our Country which will ultimately reduce their freedoms and lead to the demise of our great Country.

 So what does this have to do with you? I want you to be very mindful what you are posting online. You do not want to be the next Dr. Palmer. Apply critical thinking when reading or listening to the news. As we go to print with this newsletter Zimbabwe has asked for the Dr. Palmer to be extradited. Why do you think is? It isn’t because people sent a petition to our President or the Facebook outrage. Do they really care about a lion or is it the revenue that tourists who flock to their country will bring? News crews, lawyers, protesters, activists etc. will bring big money to their country. It is about money. But will all the activist realize that or will they think they won?

I challenge you this week to make time to apply critical thinking not when only listening or reading the new but when engaging in conversations with others. Lastly, be careful what you post online. Evaluate your circle of influence and make necessary changes. Leave groups that are hostile and negative.

Social proof seems to have gone the wayside and it is now Social Media & the Mob Mentality!

Stay safe, think before posting/sharing, and have a great week.