Meet Jaynine Howard

cropped-RunyonPhoto_JHoward004webcopy.jpgJaynine Howard is the owner of JJ Howard & Associates. Jaynine served honorably in the United States Marine Corps and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Psychology from Park University while on active duty. This was no easy feat as she was a single mother of three who also was active coaching youth sports and being a Den Mom for a Tiger Cub troop. For twenty years in the Marine Corps, she saw people leaving the military with no goals for the future and no light or sparkle in their eyes. Jaynine always helped her Marines set long and short term goals and design a strategy so they could reach their goals. She wanted them to leave the military with money in the bank and certain education milestones met. Jaynine also wanted them to leave with a plan for their future. Their plan, not their spouse’s plan or parents plan. She found most military men and women did not know how to dream or were never afforded the opportunity to dream. That really made her sad. Jaynine wanted to help people learn to dream and then turn that dream into a reality. That is how Dream Catcher came about.

Jaynine helps professionals hone their leadership skills, overcome adversity in the workplace, and gain the competive advantage. She teaches small business owners how to lead, motivate, and inspire their workforce so the employees are more productive and engaged. She helps Veterans making the transition from the military to the mainstream learn how to write a resume that gets them hired and other career strategies. Her clients learn the strategies needed to dominate their profession and be recognized as industry experts. They turn their dreams into reality!

Jaynine pursued her graduate and a post-graduate degree in psychology after she retired so she could continue to help people in a much larger way. Now Jaynine combines the things she learned and has been doing over the past 30 years as a Marine, Psychologist, and community volunteer to help people move forward with life, business, and career strategies. Jaynine’s work centers around innovation, compassion, trust in God and her zest for life with heavy doses of reality checks. Jaynine truly believes that we were all given unique gifts and talents from God. It is not being boastful or a show-off to use these wonderful gifts.

When you hire Jaynine Howard, you begin with a complete analysis of where you are right now and where you want to be. She then designs a specific plan and teaches you the systems and strategies you will need to implement so you can seize life’s opportunities. Jaynine will be with you every step of your journey. You will find yourself making a mindset shift and you will be more confident. Others will see it too. This new level of confidence will come across in how you present yourself in person and online. It will show in how you walk, talk, and make decisions. You will operate from a higher place. This new found confidence along with other strategies you learn will lead you to be a dominating force in your specific industry. Jaynine’s clients have been recognized as the Small Business Person of the Year, guest speakers in their niche, and international industry leaders. They have increased their online presence by over 400% in one week after implementing the strategies she taught. Her online and offline marketing strategies contribute significantly to business owners increasing their revenue. Career focused clients have left job interviews with job offers making more money than the job announcement advertised.

Jaynine’s work as a business, career, and life strategist has been recognized by professional organizations throughout the nation. She has served as a guest expert for the Huffington Post and has been quoted in Military Times and USAA magazine. Her Pinterest Board for job hunting and interviewing was listed as one of the Top 100 Pinterest Boards for Job hunting. Jaynine’s expertise was also fundamental in the certification program for the Social Media Institute where she served as a test question contributor.

Jaynine Howard is the one that will not only inspire you to take action but she will be there with you teaching you the skills needed to succeed so that you actually take action and exceed your desired results. When you work with Jaynine, you are guaranteed to have her undivided attention. Her methodology is guaranteed to employ positive change.

If you are ready to turn your dreams into reality, stop dreaming and start doing then contact Jaynine today at 910-539-2810 to schedule an appointment or to learn how she can help you turn your dreams into reality and SHINE in 2017!