Chart Your Direction for Success in 2017!


Did you make New Year’s Resolutions?

      Do you have a plan so you successfully reach them?

            Without a plan your resolutions are doomed to not succeed.

Make time to chart your direction for success in 2017! Create a vision board and use the SMART acronym when plotting your new course for success in 2017. (More about the SMART acronym in my next blog post.)

New Year’s Resolutions provide closure, hope, and DIRECTION. These three items work together to help you reduce stress and achieve success in 2017.

Adopt a Positive Mindset for 2017

Have you taken time to reflect on 2016?

Today you will want to focus on step two of my three piece recipe for resolution success. Have HOPE! Believe that good things are ready to be yours in 2017.

Never lose HOPE!

Adopt a positive mindset as we say goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017!

Only If I Want To…

stencil.instagram-postThis photo was inspired by a client I worked with last week. She has made tremendous progress in her coaching program because she has stopped say “yes” to things she doesn’t want to do. As we were in the middle of her session the words “only if I want to…” came out of her mouth. I told her that was her new mantra “only if I want to…”.

What are you doing that you don’t want to do? What are you tolerating? I challenge you to adopt the mantra “only if I want to…”. This will help you eliminate stress and distractions. Then, you can focus on the things you truly want to do.

Save this photo to your phone and/or screen saver to remind you that you only are going to say “yes” “only if I want to”.


Are You Living a Fruitful Life?

Be Fruitful
Live a Fruitful Life

Living a fruitful life requires you deal with the pits at one time or another. Life isn’t easy. No one ever said it was. However, we often get stuck and fall into a stooper that can lead to clinical depression if left unchecked.

What stops you from leading a fruitful life? Is it the hard work that is needed to see results? Is it the economic expense or the investment of your time?

Life is too precious to waste. God gave each of us unique talents. I firmly believe he wants us to use the gifts he gave us. He wants us to be successful. But, he never said it was going to be easy. Look around your home. What is in your trash? Did you throw away fruits and vegetables that rotted because you were not willing to make time to prepare them for eating? Are there clothes in the trash that you didn’t want to take the time and work on getting that stain out or that needed a button sewed on? If you look at your credit card or bank statements how often were you charged a late fee or over-limit fee because you didn’t take the time to manage your finances? Living in chaos can lead to feelings of malaise and depression.

Leading a fruitful life requires you to respect you, your money, your time and the gifts you were given. You can do this by keeping a daily agenda. Know your purpose for the day. Why are you doing what you are doing? If your calendar is blank then find something with a purpose to do. Volunteer in the community, job hunt, help a friend or neighbor. Do something that will help you reach your life goals and that compliments your life mission. People need to be needed. You are no different. If you find yourself unemployed or you are new to retirement find a new purpose. Make time to write your personal mission statement.

Admit your weaknesses and areas you are lazy and focus on overcoming these obstacles. I know when I buy fruit and vegetables I need to process them right away for eating or that cantaloupe, watermelon, cucumbers, cherries etc will sit and rot. Why do they sit and rot – because I get lazy and am not willing to do the work to enjoy them? What a waste of money. It is OK to stop and think about why you do what you do or don’t do.

Self-improvement and personal growth is another key area to leading a fruitful life. Think how water that just sits becomes stagnant. You don’t want to become that barrel of nasty water that becomes a breeding ground for misquotes. Again, if you are new to retirement or currently unemployed invest in personal growth activities to keep your skills marketable and your mind busy.

Respect you and your resources. Know your purpose. Know your weaknesses or what you don’t like. Keep moving forward in life. Embrace life. When you do these things it will make dealing with the pits a whole lot easier so that you can enjoy a fruitful life. A fruitful life does not require money. It is what is felt on the inside. Whoever said “life is like a bowl of cherries” was right – you must deal with the pits to enjoy the sweet fruit.





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Do You Have a Personal Mission Statement?

When was the last time you updated your personal mission statement?

Do you have a personal mission statement?

Mission statements are NOT just for businesses. A personal mission statement will help guide you on your career track so that you are honoring your values. A family can have a mission statement to guide them on honoring their family values. Stay true to you and your personal, family, and professional mission.

Don’t chase shiny objects and get off course.

Don’t get sucked into doing what others think you “should” be doing.

Follow your God-given mission and you will always be on the right path to success.

right path love life

Are you ready to be awesome today?

Some mornings we wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Everything seems to go wrong before we even get out of the house. But, I want to remind you that you have the power within you to flip the switch. You can choose to be the Debbie Downer or Positive Paula. All that is required is that you flip the switch and rewrite the script that is playing in your head. Focus on the positives. Count your blessings. Choose to be happy and positive.

Choose to be AWESOME!

Remember you are AWESOME!
Remember you are AWESOME!

Happy Monday!

It is a new day. If you don’t like what happened yesterday or last week embrace today. Start over with a clean slate and design your success strategy.

Reminder – my Ignite Your Profits Mastermind Group meets today at 12pmET. We are accepting new members. Join today!

Happy Monday!
Happy Monday!





The Road to Success – Adopt the Three Ls – Love You, Lose the Excuses, Learn Something New

Business owners, wives, and moms often find themselves short on time and energy. They are busy juggling a myriad of tasks. Remember, it only takes someone 15 seconds to sum you up and form an opinion. Whether right or wrong that is what happens. No one likes to be around a whiney person or someone who looks a mess.

In order to reclaim YOU so you stop sabotaging your efforts- you must adopt the three L’s:

Love You – Make time each day to do something for you. You must fall in love with yourself all over again. Now is the time to purge your closet of any items that make you feel fat or ugly. Purge your refrigerator and cupboards of all foods that make you feel sluggish or guilty. If you are a business owner does your office reflect your personality? Are your surroundings or where you spend most of your waking hours conducive to good mental health? Many of us cannot function when we are surrounded by clutter. Clutter is not only present in your home or office it is also in your car. Clear the clutter so you can unplug and feel good about you. Do not forget to make time to exercise. This does not require investing in a gym membership or expensive clothing. You can put on a comfortable pair of shoes and go for a walk. When you exercise, you will improve your mental clarity and strengthen your heart. Now is the time to make time to take care of you. It is not greedy to love you.

Lose the Excuses – Now is the time to stop playing the blame game. Lose the excuses. Stop blaming the economy, the children, your spouse, or the family pet. You must accept responsibility. If you are short on cash, rework your budget. If you are short on time start budgeting your time. Learn to say no. You have a voice and it needs to be heard. If the children are making demands that strain the family budget, learn to say “no”. If you have family and friends making demands on your time say “no”. People are not mind readers. They often do not have access to your day planner to see that you are over tasked. People will not stop being your friend or associate if you say “no”. When you lose the excuses you will be organized and in control of your situation. This will result in less stress and anxiety in your daily life.

Learn something new – A fundamental part of being successful is always learning something new. You must invest in you so you can grow personally and professionally. This can be something as inexpensive as reading a library book or article online from a quality source. You may want to invest in a weekend retreat or class at your college. Online learning makes it easy to invest in you. You can often listen and learn from the comforts of your home. Do not dismiss investing in you. In order to be successful as a business owner, wife, or mother you must invest in learning something new each day.

Regardless of the role we play we all want to be successful. When you adopt the three L’s you will be on the road to reclaiming your life and being successful. You will reap many benefits when you make time to love you, lose the excuses, and invest in you.

What Do You See?

Do you remember how when you were little you saw these as a way to get all your wishes granted? Your parent would yell to stop spreading the weeds. What do you do now when you see them? Wishful thinking can be a success strategy. It can be the first step in taking action toward turning your dreams into reality.

Today I challenge you to take the time to dream and then take ACTION so you can turn your dreams into reality.

dandelion wish

When Did You Stop Singing?

It is time to open your mouth and be heard.

There are three types of people singing at church. There are those that open the hymnal and move their lips, but no noise comes out of their mouth. There are those that sing beautifully and those that can’t carry a tune but belt out the tune at the top of their lungs. Which one are you?

If you are the person that moves their lips but doesn’t sing reflect back and think about when did you stop singing and why?     

Did you stop singing because someone told you that you couldn’t carry a tune?

Did you stop singing because you started comparing yourself to those around you and lost your confidence?

Did you stop singing because you lost your voice amongst those that were loud, pushy, and obnoxious?

As you reflect back upon why you no longer sing think about other areas of your life where you have stopped singing. Are you still on the path to pursuing your dreams? If you are a business owner are you still on the path you envisioned for your business or have you gone down a different path? If you are an employee are you pursuing the career of your dreams or just existing?

As we prepare to give thanks and enter into the holiday season take some time to examine where you are and where you are going. If you don’t like the path you are on you have the power to change it.

Business owners, yes, you must provide the services your customers or clients want but if you are off course I challenge you to find a way to return to what fuels your passion while turning a profit. If you are a careerist now is the time to examine your career goals. Do you need to invest in training to advance to where you envision yourself?

You only get one life. There is no do-over. If you are not jumping out of bed each morning ready to seize the day then it is time to figure out why. We often get led down a path because we are chasing the money trail. We let others bully, intimidate, or silence our voice. Today is the day to find your voice and start singing at the top of your lungs. God gave you unique gifts and he wants you to use them. Stop being the follower and create your ideal life, career, or business. Do not let the haters; Jealous Josie’s, Negative Nelly’s, Pessimistic Paul’s, and Debbie Downers cause you to not live your life purpose.

Now, it is the time to examine your circle of influence and see if it is time to eliminate a few people from your circle. If seeing an email from someone, seeing a text message or name when your phone rings, or just thinking about a person causes you to feel anger, rage, or insecure it is time to remove that person from your contact list and circle of influence. When you remove the toxic people from your life you will feel better. You will have less stress in your life. Not all friendships are healthy. Sometimes we outgrow friends. Sometimes customers or clients are not healthy for us. When you examine your circle of influence and make a list of toxic friends, customers or acquaintances you can then look for commonalities. When you identify the undesirable characteristics of these people you can use the information when selecting new friends or customers.

It is ok to not like everyone. It is ok that not everyone likes you. Live life for you and your loved ones, not the haters. Stop trying to please everyone and be a martyr. Remove the toxic people so you can sleep well. Believe me; the toxic people are not losing sleep over you. They are jumping out of bed each morning ready to cause more hate and discontent. Stop the haters. Live life for YOU!

Make today the day you start singing. Open your mouth and let your voice be heard. When Christmas mass rolls around be the one belting out Christmas carols at the top your lungs and praising God for giving you the power to be YOU!

Jaynine's work as a Coach has been recognized by professional organizations throughout the nation. She has served as a guest expert for the Huffington Post and has been quoted in Military Times and USAA magazine. Her Pinterest Board for job hunting and interviewing was listed as one of the Top 100 Pinterest Boards for Job hunting. Jaynine's expertise was also fundamental in the certification program for the Social Media Institute where she served as a test question contributor. Her clients have increased their online presence by over 400% in one week after implementing the strategies she taught. Her online and offline marketing strategies contribute significantly to business owners increasing their revenue.