Tips for Falling Back In Love With Your Business

customersLoveYouWe all hit that brick wall at times where we are no longer jumping out of bed each morning excited to start our day. When you find yourself lying in bed dreading to get up and start your day you know it is time to do some self-reflection and find out what is zapping your energy.

Retreat from Your Business and Self Reflect
1. Mission & Vision – are you still honoring your original mission and vision for your business? If not, why did you get led down a different path? Were you chasing money to pay the bills instead of following your heart? Make time to review your mission and vision statement and update as necessary.

2. Evaluate Your Circle of Influence – do you have a support system that truly cares about you and your business? Do you have people sabotaging your efforts or belittling your goals and dreams? Use the attachment to take the time to evaluate your circle of influence. Make necessary adjustments so you can thrive.

3. Work Less – I know this may sound impossible but a few years ago my Coach told me to stop working so many hours. Set office hours and honor them. Use my productivity tracker to see where your time goes and how much time is being spent on tasks. If you would be outraged that an employee took so long to complete a task then revamp that task. I recommend setting a timer or placing a time limit for tasks. You will find you get the work completed within the time frame or sooner. You will be focused.

4. Delegate – delegate any task that does not bring you JOY. Find a virtual assistant or outsource to FIVERR or Elance if you do not have employees. Many tasks can be done faster and better by someone else. You do not have to do everything. Remember, two heads are often better than one. I would personally be lost without my team to jump in and help when I am sick, helping a client in crisis, or just by doing the tasks I don’t like to do. Give up control and delegate so you can focus on revenue generating tasks.

5. Invest in Self Care – you need to be the top priority for your business. This includes your physical and mental well-being. If you are not physically and mentally in shape you will be no good to your business. This means you may need to adopt an exercise program. You are worth the 30 or 60 minutes a day needed to focus on your health. When you exercise your body will release endorphins and you will have mental clarity. Your mood will be elevated for hours afterward. This will cause you to be more creative and productive as well as just a more pleasant person to be around.

Are you ready to start jumping out of bed to get your day started? Implementing my five tips above will help you have a positive mindset and more energy. This will aid you in attracting abundance. The Laws of Attraction are always at work. Like attracts like – don’t attract negative. Adopt a positive mindset so that you attract positive things for you and your business.

Sending wishes for an abundant 2016!

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Get Your Customers to Fall Back in Love with YOU!

Welcome, February! Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day fast approaching. February is a great month to reach out and reconnect with your customers, clients or engage with your leads or referrals without feeling salesy or spammy. Below are tips to help you keep your customers falling in love with you over and over.

Show the Love Tips

  1. Send a Valentine’s Day card. Go to the store and buy some Valentines. Write a handwritten note specific to each customer or client expressing your appreciation for their continued business over the years. If it is a new client express gratitude and let the person know how much you are enjoying working together. If the person is a referral or lead tell the person how much you look forward to working together in the future. If you are creative you could create your own cards and have them printed at Walgreens as a photo. Then mail the photo in the same manner you would mail a postcard. This is cost effective ensuring you will not be left with hundreds of extra cards.
  1. Enclose a Sweet Treat. Remember, when you were in grade school and exchanged Valentine’s? Did you put a few of those cute little confection hearts with sayings on them in the envelope? If you are like me you labored over the hearts picking just the right ones for the person. Heaven forbid you put a mushy one in an envelope of someone you didn’t really like. Pinterest has great examples of how to send a fun size candy bar with a corresponding Valentine’s jingle. You could also enclose a gift card or gift certificate for a coffee or sandwich at a local establishment. Know your customers and clients. Send what will brighten their day.
  1. Offer a Sweet Treat for Free. Do not ruin the romance by offering a sale. Include an offer for a sweet treat from your business. This could be a free product or service. It does not have to be expensive. A tip sheet that saves the person money is appropriate. This is an opportunity for you and other business owners to promote each other. If you cannot think of what to give away then purchase gift certificates from another business.

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to connect with your customers and leads. The hustle and bustle of the Christmas holiday are over. If you didn’t send a holiday or Christmas card now is your opportunity to reach out and express gratitude. If you did send a Christmas card and a small gift this is another opportunity to continue cultivating the relationship. Know your budget. Do not spend money you do not have. A box of the silly cards you sent in grade school will solicit a smile from the recipient and send the same message as a fancy card. I had a student a few years ago bring everyone a Valentine using the cards that school age children often exchange. I still have the “teacher” card. It brings back sweet memories of the class and my student. So, take a few minutes and decide who will be your Valentine this year. Design your Sweet Treat strategy and get to the store and buy those cards or have your design team create one unique to your business.

Spread the love in 2016!

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Happy Valentine's Day